Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little details

It is amazing sometimes the little details that you don't think of when you are trying to get through the big details. Now that I have my residency permit and can move over there at any time.... All those little details are creeping up on me. I was planning on moving in May but that is gone because a small detail that concerns my dogs move... so now I am planning on moving on July 27. After that it seems like those little details really start to pile on. Even before that, there is the car issue, my banks account, all of my mail, and packing up and sorting through my room (will be needing major help on that). Making sure that I am going to have enough cloths with me in my suit cases so I don't have to worry about the boxed cloths coming. It seem like a lot and it is in a way, but I do have about 3 month to do it in after I graduate... Thankfully I don't have to do this while trying to study and pass all of my classes. When I do get over there I know that Christian will help me get stuff taken care of.

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