Monday, March 16, 2009

How Christian and I met.

It is an interesting story, and in fact I have been told that it sounds like something out of a romance novel or a fairy tale. I was sitting at home after getting back from my aunts wedding. A friend called and asked if I wanted to hang out, so I changed from my lounge cloths into something nice (in case of going to a club). We proceeded to go to Jags (in West Chester, OH). This club is not like any other clubs around, there is a dress code. So I was sitting there listening to the live music, having a drink. When I notice this guy looking at me the entire time. So after finishing my drink, I went out on to the dance floor. Having a great time, the guy comes up to me (with a nudge from one of his buddies) while dance and asks to dance. We proceeded to dance the entire night, we sat down to relax a little and started to talk. He told me that he was over here on a job... After a while his buddies inform him that their ride is there. He gives me his business card. I proceeded to have the card for a week and a half, then tried to get hold on him. Tried because the number on the card was international and at the time I had no clue how to call it. So I e-mailed him at the e-mail address that was on the card... Well it turned out that, that was the companies e-mail address, so they got in touch with him, then he got in touch with me. We have been together since. That will be a year ago on the 29 of March.

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