Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little details

It is amazing sometimes the little details that you don't think of when you are trying to get through the big details. Now that I have my residency permit and can move over there at any time.... All those little details are creeping up on me. I was planning on moving in May but that is gone because a small detail that concerns my dogs move... so now I am planning on moving on July 27. After that it seems like those little details really start to pile on. Even before that, there is the car issue, my banks account, all of my mail, and packing up and sorting through my room (will be needing major help on that). Making sure that I am going to have enough cloths with me in my suit cases so I don't have to worry about the boxed cloths coming. It seem like a lot and it is in a way, but I do have about 3 month to do it in after I graduate... Thankfully I don't have to do this while trying to study and pass all of my classes. When I do get over there I know that Christian will help me get stuff taken care of.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Residency Permit

I got the permit.....I get to move!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School and Life beyond

Ever have those day when you think that your schooling will never finish. I have been having that day for about 2 years now. To think that only in a few month I will have finally graduated, when thinking about it it scares the shit out of me. All I have ever know is school.

After graduation I am moving to Sweden, to live with my boyfriend. That I can't wait for. To be able to see him with out about 4500 miles between us and computers. Now I know that some of you don't really get this. Imagine this, that the person that you are with is not allowed to touch you, kiss you or even hold your hand for about 5 to 6 month.... and add to that the only time you get to see each other is with a web cam. I think that might be a good perspective.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How Christian and I met.

It is an interesting story, and in fact I have been told that it sounds like something out of a romance novel or a fairy tale. I was sitting at home after getting back from my aunts wedding. A friend called and asked if I wanted to hang out, so I changed from my lounge cloths into something nice (in case of going to a club). We proceeded to go to Jags (in West Chester, OH). This club is not like any other clubs around, there is a dress code. So I was sitting there listening to the live music, having a drink. When I notice this guy looking at me the entire time. So after finishing my drink, I went out on to the dance floor. Having a great time, the guy comes up to me (with a nudge from one of his buddies) while dance and asks to dance. We proceeded to dance the entire night, we sat down to relax a little and started to talk. He told me that he was over here on a job... After a while his buddies inform him that their ride is there. He gives me his business card. I proceeded to have the card for a week and a half, then tried to get hold on him. Tried because the number on the card was international and at the time I had no clue how to call it. So I e-mailed him at the e-mail address that was on the card... Well it turned out that, that was the companies e-mail address, so they got in touch with him, then he got in touch with me. We have been together since. That will be a year ago on the 29 of March.