Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fun

Christian's brother Robert gave me his old bike, so now I can get around a little easier... the car that I was going to start driving, some one broke the back window (that sucks). Anyway used the bike today, after getting the tires filled last night and everything working. Felt wonderful.. the wind in my hair, though I did curse every hill I had to climb... You know the old adage " It is just like riding a bike you never forget" here is news you don't. I have not been on a peddle bike in about 10 years or more and it felt great. Though it did tell me that I am just a bit out of shape. I know that the more that I ride the bike the better shape I am going to be in... What a way to get around over here, I am just lucky that everything is with in biking distance and walking distance....well almost everything :). Just wanted everyone to know that everything is going great and I am so completely happy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Celebrate the 6th of June (Sweden's 4th July)

Getting ready to have a get together with his buddy from college, his girl-friend, and one of the buddy's friends. We are celebrating what could be considered there fourth of July. We are having a cook out with barbecue ribs (home made sauce), corn, bread and cinnamon butter(also homemade). Then heading to the pub for a while coming back and having some more people over and hanging out until people leave or fall asleep. Not to worry any one we are taking the bus to get in to town and back. Should be a very fun night. Already have my outfit selected, might be able to get a picture of it, have to convince someone to take a picture.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Walking in Sweden

This week I have walked to Maxi ICA (grocery store) which is about 2miles one way, and to his mom's work to say hey and surprise her, well she was not there but the walk was great about 3 miles... mind you all of the distances are guesses. It is really interesting to see so many people either walking or riding a peddle bike if they can instead of driving. Though today I would have enjoyed driveing to his mom's work instead of walking because it is about 48 F outside with out the wind that desided to show up just as I was a good distance from the apt. to go back in and get a sweater for underneith my jacket. I survived. Great walks both of them, the one to the ICA was down and up hill and the one to his mom's work was a slight slop. Trust me my calves are feeling it but in a good way. I don't know if we are doing anything tonight... might see if I can convince him to let me drive in to town (lol). That is a distance that I am NOT walking.... would be like trying to walk to meijers from marsh (middletown ref.) or further.