Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fun

Christian's brother Robert gave me his old bike, so now I can get around a little easier... the car that I was going to start driving, some one broke the back window (that sucks). Anyway used the bike today, after getting the tires filled last night and everything working. Felt wonderful.. the wind in my hair, though I did curse every hill I had to climb... You know the old adage " It is just like riding a bike you never forget" here is news you don't. I have not been on a peddle bike in about 10 years or more and it felt great. Though it did tell me that I am just a bit out of shape. I know that the more that I ride the bike the better shape I am going to be in... What a way to get around over here, I am just lucky that everything is with in biking distance and walking distance....well almost everything :). Just wanted everyone to know that everything is going great and I am so completely happy.

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