Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plan of attack, for packing

Does not feel like I have done anything to get ready to move, when in fact, I bought pants for over there... trust me you need them. Have an appointment with my attorney to finish the papers, on Wednesday. Today I am hopping to go through papers and get all of the school stuff taken care of. If I get to it, figure out the books that I am taking on this trip and the ones that I am going to ship. Then start to pack everything else up, and sorting through my cloths and packing them up. I know this sounds like a lot to do in one day but that is the plan of attack. If need be place the clothes that I have out and know that I am taking in to the suit case. This way I am in a sense taking care of two things at once. The reason why I want to try to get my room completely packed up before I leave is so that my mom does not have much to do.

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