Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting there

It is now only 7 days before I fly. Can't wait... I get to see Christian again, and start living together. So excited, my room now looks like a small tornado hit it. Why is it that when you go to pack everything gets so messy before it gets organized? I am far from having everything packed but the biggest part of my room is packed the Books. Those who know me know that this was a LOT. Not really going to start packing my clothing for my luggage till the day before so that way I have stuff out of the laundry. I have how ever, started to take clothing that I know I want there and pile it in one of my suit cases...along with purses, some shoes but not all...make up.... you girls understand the things that we need. :) Well so far that is about the up date. I will let you know as things come up.

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