Friday, July 15, 2011

What is NOT fun with the house

To start off with. We found that we have water damage from the previous owner. That we have to fix and that means tearing up the floor in the living room. 

Then when I was going to go the the bathroom this morning I found this "little" guy waiting for me. So what did I do.... those that know me probaply think that I screamed and asked some one else to take care of it but in fact.... What I did was take the sweeper and swept him up... (to chenilles dismay.... she does not like our central sweeper)

Last November we had an unexpected guest that decided to live with us and chenille found him... guess what it was.... a RAT. Not one of those little mice I mean a RAT.  Well he did not last long that is for sure...

Right not the last thing is that we are going to replace all of the windows so that we have better insolation in the winter... I know that it is going to be for the good but right now it is a bit of a head ache.

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  1. UUUUSCH!!! Jag är livrädd för spindlar!! Va stor den var!!