Thursday, July 14, 2011


Lets see... I have been taking care of the garden which is trimming, cutting the grass, spraying the apple trees (we have nasty little larvae that love the trees), trimming the hedge, etc... I have made rhubarb jam, juice and pie. Soon I am going to be making apple pie, jam, juice along with blackcurrant and gooseberries jam, juice and pie. I currently have a rose bush and my first rose bloomed yesterday.

Chenille is currently like the fact that we have a fence up now. She runs around and consequently barks at people that walk past... it was a lot more before but it is getting under control now.

We found that we have a root cellar that has jam and juice from 1978 till 1984.

Amazingly enough is that the 1978 jam is still good and Christian is eating it.

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  1. Åh, gillar att du äntligen uppdaterar! =) Och så får jag läsa lite engelska ;) hehe