Friday, August 20, 2010

Next step, and Speaking quality.

Lets see, from the last post I did. I am now going to be in Komvux (adult education) I am there to learn more Swedish. I will be learning elementary school level which is more in depth than what SFI was. Then i will be learning high school level Swedish. I am doing this so that I will be able to talk easier and with out to much of an issue. I am still trying to read books with an age range 9-12 years old. For some one that has only lived in Sweden for 1 year and 3-4 months, that is really good. I have only been speaking somewhat fluent for 8 months, I am doing really well, from everyone that I have talked to. They are surprised at how well I speak. They think that I am Swedish when they start to talk to me because I look Swedish, but after I start talking they ask were do I come from and how long have I been in Sweden. Then they are really surprised because I am talking to them in just Swedish.

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  1. Hej Tonya, vad kul att få en inbjudan till din blogg! Ett stort grattis till att du klarat SFI! Hoppas att det är ok att jag skriver på svenska här?! Du kommer att trivas på komvux tror jag; där får du lite större utmaningar.

    Det ska bli kul att följa dig här på bloggen :).